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90th State House District

Geoff Haveman

"Restoring the people's voice in government"

Dedicated to the defending and propogating the ideas individual liberty, economic stability, free markets & sound money and a Republican form of government.

About Geoff Haveman


Geoff Haveman grew up on small dairy farm between Hudsonville and Zeeland where he learned many valuable lessons at a young age.  His parents and grandparents taught him the virtues of hard work, honesty and integrity built upon a foundation in Christian principles.

Through strong parental guidance and personal experience, Geoff gained a strong appreciation for fair play, liberty, personal responsibility and the rule of law.  

After graduation from Covenant Christian High School, he went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan in 2005.  Additionally, he holds certificates from the University of Heidelberg in Germany and Moscow State University. 

Geoff Haveman has been married to his beautiful wife, Joanna for the last 6 years.  She is a physician and practices family medicine part-time.   Geoff and Joanna are the proud parents of three young children.  He and his family are members of the Covenant United Reformed Church in Byron Center.  Haveman_18_B_W.jpg

Most of Geoff’s free time is centered around his family.  He loves spending time with his wife and children, raising chickens with his son, ice skating, and going for bicycle rides. Geoff also is a Republican Party Precinct Delegate and an executive committee member of the Ottawa County Republican Party & volunteer dozent at the Zeeland Historical Society Museum. 

Geoff owns and operates a law office in downtown Zeeland Michigan.  As a business owner and an attorney, he recognizes the negative effect of ever changing and overbearing laws, regulations, fines and fees. 

It is time that government starts to work for the people and not insiders or...

Why I'm Running

I Am Running To Restore the Voice of the People

I see a government that at all levels has become more and more empowered.  Our elected officials have become beholden to the special interests, lobbyists, and donors while the voice of the people is disregarded.   Our representatives in Lansing sold out their constituents by approving Obamacare here in Michigan for supposed budget savings all the while padding the accounts of their PAC’s. I am fed-up with our representatives not representing the people. We need a conservative voice to represent the people and reign in an out of control government.  Once elected, I will be the voice of the 90th district and voice for the people of Michigan. 


I Am Running To Restore Government to Its Proper Function

The trials and hardship of thHaveman_17.jpge lost decade and the rapid enlargement of the federal government over the last ten years or so have caused, for the first time, a generation of Americans to lose hope in the American dream. The founding vision of America was a government that protects the individual from the government and not one that protects the individual from themselves through government laws and regulation. The people have become more dependent on government at the expense of their own personal liberty. I believe that it is time that we the people lead the government back to its original and proper function. We need a voice in government that can and will restore the American Dream.  We need a voice that...

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My name is Geoff Haveman, as you know, I am running for the state house seat in the 90th district of Ottawa County.  Why run?  I am motivated to run...

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